QuestionS about Wee Stand

A: The lightest, most compact, ultra-portable full size music stand on the planet!  

A: Our ultra-portable music stand was designed especially for musicians on the go. Be it students, travelling musicians, buskers, or band campers – Wee Stand is a must-have music accessory!

A: Wee Stand weighs 537g. For our American friends – that’s less than 20 oz! About the same as a loaf of bread.

Wee Stand is smaller than a footlong

A: Wee Stand was created by Noisy Clan. We are a group of musicians and parents of musicians who wanted more play time! Meet us here.

A: Because Wee Stand is the most awesome portable music stand ever! Compact and lightweight, it is easy to carry and easy to use. Our sleek design is perfect for any musician on the go.

A: MSRP(RRP) is £99. That’s approximately €119, and $125. 

Why is it so expensive?

This music stand is the first of its kind, designed from the ground up to be lighter and more portable than anything on the market. The design we are launching uses premium and expensive materials, including glass-filled polycarbonate/ABS, carbon fibre legs, and a custom-designed friction hinge. Additionally, as a start-up company, we are not able to produce the stand in large volumes, which pushes the cost up further. Our intention is to be able to reduce the cost as we manufacture and ship many more units.

A: You can order today from the comfort of home. Buy today. 

A: In order to make shipping faster and more cost-effective, we will be shipping from locations in the US, UK, and the EU.

A: Yes, we ship to the UK & EU. To get your order to you, we’ve partnered with Passport Shipping and they will be the Seller for all orders to the UK for orders under £135 and orders to the EU for orders €150 and under.

A: Shipping April 2022

A: Crowdfunding is an opportunity for you to get Wee Stand sooner and at the lowest price. Once crowdfunding has ended, Wee Stand will be available for retail sale on our website.

A: Wee stand is the lightest ultra-portable music stand available anywhere. It folds flat for easy transport and Wee Stand is the ONLY portable music stand that can go from tabletop to full standing height in seconds.

A: Don’t let the size fool you! Wee Stand’s carbon fibre legs can bear up to 10kg (~22lbs) of weight. The media plate can support 630g (~1.39lbs) at 90 degrees and 800g (1.76lb) at 45 degrees. 

A: Made of durable glass-infused, post-consumer plastic, stainless steel, and light yet mighty carbon fibres, Wee Stand is designed to last. See our full warranty.

A: Great question! This is a product feature that we spend a lot of time testing and exploring. We ended up going with a centre leg coming towards the user for three reasons:

  1. One thing that we noticed would be difficult with two legs being in front and the centre leg going away is sitting in a chair while using it; it would lead to one’s knees bumping into the stand, while a centre leg going towards the user would allow them to straddle it more comfortably. When standing this also helps the user stand closer if they wish for the same reason.
  2. Additionally, we found that the risk of bumping into a leg and knocking it over was reduced when there is only one leg to bump, rather than two. The two legs going back also provide resistance to falling over should the centre leg be bumped.
  3. Finally, when interacting with the media plate having two legs behind allows for better stability when pressing or touching things in front of you.

A: The media plate can support a variety of types of physical sheet music – from single sheets to full books and binders. Please see the attached picture for a few of them in action!


A: Tablets can be placed directly on the media plate shelf or behind the swivel clips for more security.

A: The swivel clips for keeping books open on the media plate are designed to support books and folders up to ~2.5cm (1inch) thick. Assuming it measures under that, we would fully expect the fake book to work with Wee Stand. Please see attached photo of stand in use with a binder full of sheet music.

A: Wee stand is designed to be ultra-portable. Although it can accommodate the weight of a binder or a big music book, it does only support two pages across. We are currently developing a new orchestra-style stand that will have a wider media plate and other features best suited for an orchestra setting.

Questions about GrandStand

A:  Grandstand is more than a music stand. Consisting of 2 bases and 3 interchangeable media plates, this revolutionary system offers maximum playing options, while fitting beautifully within your home.

A: Part of the Grandstand system, the Tabletop Base is a tabletop companion designed to accommodate the same media plates as Grandstand thanks to our Quick-Click mechanism

Grandstand music furniture was created by Noisy Clan, designer of the ultra-portable Wee Stand. Noisy Clan are a group of musicians and designers who want more people to play more music. 

A:  Musicians’ needs have evolved; we need more versatility.Yet, home music stands have remained unchanged. With interchangeable plates designed to hold and protect both traditional and modern media Grandstand is adapts to you and your playing style.

A: The MSRP for Grandstand Tripod and Wood 14 Media Plate is $199 which is approximately €196 and £167. 

The MSRP for the Tabletop and 1 media plate is £99 which is approximately  $119.

We are currently crowdfunding! Support us on Kickstarter!     

When ordering you will receive 1-2 Grandstand bases of your choice and between 1-3 media plates depending on your order.

Crowdfunding is an opportunity for you to get Grandstand sooner and at the lowest price. All while supporting and gaining insight to the development process. 

A: Grandstand Tripod is equipped with a variety of features including, our exclusive QuickClick mechanism, easy adjust pole, Desk Mode and Secure Clips.

Grandstand Tabletop base features our Quick-Click mechanism, Desk Mode, Vantage Angle and Secure Clips.

A: Grandstand is currently only available in our highgrade wood option.

Our Wood Media Plates come in 2 sizes 14” and  24” 

A: Grandstand’s high-grade wood makes it a stunning centre piece for any home that you’ll be proud to display.

A: View the full range of purchasing options here to understand which bundle best suits your needs. You can always reach out to to speak with a team member. 

A: Quick-Click mechanism, allows you to swap your media plate in seconds with a simple and satisfying click.

A: Our strong, padded Secure Clips hold your tablet or laptop firmly, without fear of it flying off mid-performance. They also hold your device securely, without interfering with your view of the music.

A: Wood 24

H 32cm (12.6in) x W 52cm (20.4in) x D 10cm (3.9in)

1.35kg (2.97 lbs)

A: Wood 14: 

H 22cm (8.6in) x W 25cm (9.84in) x D 8 cm (3.14in)

0.55kg (1.2lbs)

A: Tablet Holder: 

H 19cm (7.5 in) x W 25cm (9.8 in) x D 6cm (2.3 in)

0.4kg (0.88lbs)