Music Accessories

Wee Stand™

Ultra-portable music stand

Feels like carrying a bottle of water, yet this music stand is strong enough to hold 22lbs. Six adjustable heights – tabletop to full standing. Perfect for traveling musicians.

Decoder Circle of Fifths

Music theory made easy

Decoder is an easy-to-digest, graphical representation of the structures in the music we hear daily. Music theory has stumped musicians over the years, we’ve had enough and want to make music theory fun, one note at a time. Composing a song has never been easier!


Versatile In Home Music Stand

Grandstand is more than a music stand. Consisting of 2 bases and 3 media plates. Built to last, swappable media plates, standing desk and the largest vertical range; Grandstand evolves with your playing.

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Play Your Way

Play Your Way